Designing for efficiency

Designing for efficiency

We are a community of designers striving to build products that are efficient to work with.

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Designing efficient web forms We had a chance to discuss forms for complex use-cases during UX Camp Europe. I'm grateful for the great insights given especially by Paweł, Oliver, and Maximilian who have experience with designing complex forms for various industries - whether it's government, medical or enterprise organizations. There's a ton of great sources on how to design forms well, but we tried to go beyond that and focus on expert users, everyday use of our systems, and complex use-cases. Read more

What is designing for efficiency? There are a couple of ways to look at efficient design. Each of them considers a different aspect and when applied together, they can significantly speed up the work of our users. Read more

Efficiency is the speed with which people do tasks after they have learned the interface. - NNGroup

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Our review: The book is great in describing what is an agentive technology (a technology that does the job for you). It compares it to assistive technology (technology that helps you do the job) and it mentions their advantages and limits. Also great in describing the principles for designing a successful agent. An experienced designer would probably figure it all out - sooner or later. However, having them well described in one place is really helpful. In the beginning, it might seem that agentive technology can be anything and everything, but it gets much clearer throughout the book. The last part didn't resonate too much with me. It discusses philosophical and ethical questions regarding agentive technology in a very broad sense. I would much more appreciate discussing everyday problems of agents, like security and privacy. I'd be interested in real examples and possible solutions.

What is designing for efficiency?
Designing efficient web forms

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